Green so close to blue...


his  is what we offer. Why not share with us this quiet environment out of earshot of the bustling agitation and noise of  mopeds, car horns, late revellers or early morning hawkers and yet within walking distance to the beautiful sandy beaches in the North of the island, bordered by filao-trees, restaurants and shopping centres.



his  residential complex of 40 villas, located in "Morcellement Swan", Pereybère, respectful of the environment offers a large swimming pool in the middle of a park extending on nearly 3 acres  of flowers and trees. Throw out a few bread crumbs while you are having breakfast on the veranda and watch the colourful birds fighting for them: yellow canaries, red cardinals, crested red-eyed  blackbirds,… all mixed up together. Make sure you don’t miss this symphony of hues



e’ll do the best we can in order to make your stay in Mauritius  unforgettable.


Claude and Michèle Raybaud